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Problem with STEVAL-IHM025V1

Question asked by leray.benjamin on Apr 1, 2015

I recently bought an evaluation board STEVAL-IHM025V1 and I am having problems to make it work. I want to control a three phases induction motor.

The board is supplied with 230VAC, and I can see the DC bus voltage equals to 325Vdc.

I create 3 PWM with a DSPic33e, they are correctly shifted to control a 3 phases induction motor. After I control my device with this signals but the outputs aren't what I expected.
I visualise the same signal for the three ouptuts, a sinus signal with a 150V amplitude with no shift.

The pin SD is correctly control.

So I don't know where is the matter, if you have any idea!

Thank you.

Benjamin L.