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Initialization with JTAG after mass Flash erase

Question asked by agrawal.vinit on Jan 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by Clive One
Hi all,

In the Factory setting of STM32VLDISCOVERY ,i was able to blink the two LEDs manually by setting the GPIO_CRH and GPIO_ODR registers through JTAG debugger. but after i have done a mass ERASE on FLASH, i am not able to do that. Do i have to do some initialization before setting the GPIO registers, Which the factory burned software was doing it for me. If yes what is the minimal initialization needs to be done on register level, i guess in RCC component. Is the same as in systemInit() function in stdlibrary for STM32.

Also, does a mass erase means that it has also wiped off the "system memory" part and option bytes also.Which i don't think so, since they are write protected. Is it possible to erase "system memory" part and put my own boot loader.