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Using LSM9DS0 as a vibration sensor

Question asked by nunes.ricardo on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Miroslav B
I'm trying to use LSM9DS0 as a vibration sensor using accelerometer data, but I have some questions regarding the datasheet:

1. Do I need to have magnetometer activated in order to use 6D in INT_GEN_1_REG? If I don't and I only have ACC enabled, does this 6D flag make any difference?

2. I'm using 0.1G as a threshold (write 0x06 in THS, for +-2G scale) and it only works if use OR with XLIE, YLIE and ZLIE in INT_GEN_1_REG. If I start putting the high events (e.g. XHIE) then I don't get any interrupt. Why is that?

What's the best way to use this as vibration sensor? This system will be stationary inside a car and I would like to wake up my MCU when the car starts (and, consequently, vibrates). False wake ups are not a problem.