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Cannot connect with AP

Question asked by paolo.crestani on Oct 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by 63724
Hi everybody,
I have troubles to connect the SPWF01 with an AP using WPA2 privacy mode.
When I try to connect, after Wind 25: association successful, I receive Wind 40: deauthentication:1

+WIND:19:WiFi Join:00:04:ED:61:FB:18
+WIND:25:WiFi Association with 'Alison' successful
+WIND:40:WiFi Deauthentication:1
+WIND:74:Rejected found Network

I have another AP and I can link with it using the same security mode and the same password, hence my code should be right.

+WIND:19:WiFi Join:14:CC:20:9C:D5:4D
+WIND:25:WiFi Association with 'Alison_EXT' successful
+WIND:51:WPA Handshake Complete
+WIND:24:WiFi Up:

I did a scan and the APs are in WPA2 for sure:

1: BSS 00:04:ED:61:FB:18 CHAN: 06 RSSI: -59 SSID: 'Alison' CAPS: 0411 WPA2
2: BSS 14:CC:20:9C:D5:4D CHAN: 06 RSSI: -79 SSID: 'Alison_EXT' CAPS: 0431 WPA WPA2 WPS

I think it could be a security issue because I can connect to the bad AP in Open mode.
I searched the web for deauthentication:1. It is "Unspecified failure", so I can't have any clue from it.
The module has the last FW version: 150410-c2e37a3-SPWF01S.
Could you give me any hint?

Thank you,