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STM32CubeMX Generated GPIO Code

Question asked by aiyer.kartik on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Amel N
I'm using the STM32F439I-EVAL board and I generated a project using the STM32CubeMX program using UM1668 as a reference. These are the interfaces I use
1) CRC
2) DMA2D
3) I2C1
6) RCC
7) SYS (SWD and asynchronous trace)
8)TIM2 (using internal clock source)
9) TIM6
10) USART2

I also set the project setting to set all unused pins to Analog to save power. When I generate the corresponding code and run the project on the platform ( I step using the debugger ). The debugger looses control of the processor and it seems to have been reset. It happens when initializing the GPIOs, specifically when setting the GPIOB block of pins to analog. I have unchecked the box to set all unused pins to analog and am now able to move forward past that. Can anyone tell me what the problem was ?