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"Error : Cannot communicate with the board" after some use of it

Question asked by beck.moises on Jan 5, 2012
    The SM8S-Discovery are crashing after some time of use. The "ST Visual Develop" give the error "Error : Cannot communicate with the board". After the first time that the error happens, the board become unusable ! I am using the STM8S-Discovery for programming purposes only. I have removed the jumpers SB1 and SB2 as required.
    The test board (that I want to write the firmware) are powered by 5V. I saw that the uC U2 of STM8S-Discovery are powered by 3V3. So my doubt is if I need to set the JP1 jumper in position 1 or 3 ?
    I am using connector CN7 pins 2 (SWIM), 4 (RESET) and 3 (GND) only for the interface with the test board.
    In some of the crashed boards, U2 became too hot !
    Any help is welcome, as I have five STM8S-Discovery unusable here !

Moises Beck