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STVD 4.3 crashes while editing projects from 4.2

Question asked by volk.artem on Dec 22, 2011
Good day!

I've installed latest version of STVD 4.3 running from Administrator account on Windows 7 Home Basic:

STVD MainFrame Version - Build Sep 21 2011
stvabbld.dll, Version:
stv7abbld.dll, Version:
STVD_TxtEditor.dll, Version:
addonide.ini, Version: Rel 4.0, Date: 19 February 2008

ProgrammerAddOn.dll, Version:

st7expor.dll, Version:

Compiler is Cosmic, free 32kb edition.

I have the following problems:

1. IDE crashes on opening projects from version 4.2, I've deleted .wdb and .wed files as suggested here and now I can open this project:

2. When I open such project created in 4.2 version and try to edit file, IDE crashes.

Any workarounds?