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L6470 Daisy Chain (AN3991)

Question asked by Zaher on Feb 28, 2015
Hi There!

There's something that I could not understand in the Daisy Chain configuration of the L6470 Stepper Motor Driver. Apart from the SPI Signals and the mechanism of driving each device individually or all simultaneously by means of byte sequences and rising the 'CS' Signal to that n-Byte device, the wiring for the other signals used by the host (BUSY, FLAG, STCK, and STBY_RESET) are still vague to me when two or more EVAL6470 boards are daisy chained. Since the same signals are repeated across the boards, I don't understand how one of them, say the BUSY signal, could drive one and only one LED, while the signal is extended to include all other LEDs in the EVAL6470 boards? Did I miss something here? 

Thanks in advance!