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ST7590 Usage and Documentation

Question asked by edwards.russell on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by edwards.russell
Hello All.

I've been looking at using the ST7590 OFDM Power Line communications module in a project. However I've found the information published on STs website to be very lacking in technical details. From what information is available I'm sure that it can do what I need and do it well but I have no idea how to make it do it.

I've raised a support ticket with ST asking for interface specifications, such as UART baud rates, timings, and pin functions, as well as what setup / initialisation procedures or required; and to be polite drawn a blank. The best that they could furnish me with was a C Header file overview from one of their dev boards, which was totally useless. As knowing what something does is totally different to my need of how it does it.

Has anybody got any experience of using this device? and / or can anybody point me in the direction of the information I need to actually utilise the chip.

Many thanks