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Question asked by klibisz.dariusz on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Erwan Y

Recently we received few returns from customer with ECU entering Error Mode. The only information we have for now is values of registers in time of exeption:
00000020 - ESR        - VLEMI (VLE Mode Instruction)
00088008 - MCSR    - MAV, LD, BUS_DRERR
000E4A80 - PC         - (program counter indicating flash sector read function)

Further investigation of SW showed that this occured because EER bit in MCR (Module Configuration Register of flash memory block C90FL) was set. Is this bit set only after detecting 2bit ECC error? Are 1bit errors fixed automatically or it's the task of SW? What about 3 and more bit errors? What could cause ECC errors?
Is there any detailed documentation regarding ECC handling in this microcontroller? Something like "AN4276 ECC management on SPC560x".

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