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Faulty documentation or defective boards - EVAL6472H-DISC

Question asked by campbell.david.002 on Jan 27, 2015
Two were purchased from Digi Key in the US. EVAL6472H-DISC

The lights do not sequence as indicated in the UM1692 User Manual (DM00099718.pdf)

On page 29, the lights on the board do not blink in this sequence. The sequence on the board is
Grn and Org and Red at the same time, then the Yellow Led comes on

Then Org Yl flash at the same time

Then the sequence is Org and Yl, Org stays on and then Red Yl in sequence.

On page 30, the lights do not indicate the L6472 device that is on the circuit board. The statement "then there are the green, red, yellow LEDs is not a sentence in the English language. What do they DO? The statement "then there are LEDs" means they exist or light, it does not indicate sequence.

The instruction on p 33 to restart the board is meaningless. What is "restart?"
Does that mean "reset as in Instruction 8 above? Pressing the button indicated by "reset the board" does nothing to the status LEDs once the board connects to the GUI - the Grn and Red LEDs are lit. The botton indicated is the
RIGHT button, not the Reset button.

WHen the instructions are followed to Reset the board, a communications failure occurrs in the PC.

Pressing the Refresh button on the GUI clears the Red LED and the Green remains lit (autorefresh checked and apparently Autorefresh does not work)

Instruction 8 reads:

"Press the "Reset" button and check that the LEDs restart there two step loop after the board reset.

That is not a sentence in English. It is meaningless gibberish.

It disgraceful that such a big company such as ST produces such horrible documentation. You couldnt get someone to even proof read it in English?