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STEVAL-IKR002V4 Wmbus GUI problem

Question asked by vagelis.vagelis on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by vagelis.vagelis
I've had problems making the WMBUS GUI application working. I downloaded SPIRIT1DK_1.0.7. In the Documents folder-> Firmware Docs I found and read two pdfs. There it is stated how to get started but not very detailed. Looking through the folders, I aso found in theDocuments->SPIRIT 1->DevKit->SPIRIT1-DK_UM_Rev3. There, a quite different way is stated. I've been carefull beetween the differneces between the old and the new evaluation boards. At some point it states(p.33) "On the concentrator and meter, push the “Push_Button” button. Red LED DL3 should be now ON on both boards". Well,this never happens although up to there everything works, meaning that I can see the "meter" in the "meters" and "monitoring" screen.
The only way I managed to make it work (?) and see something "change", was when I manually changed the Device mode from install to data comm mode and pressed "Send " in the configuration screen in the WM-Bus application. Then pressing right-(random times) up-right. But I don't understand the numbers in "LastReading" section.
Please give me some light her if you can.

One more thing is that I could never find the WMBUS_SDK in any of the folders although I could find WMBUS_Example_STM32L and an IAR project in Firmware folder.

Moreover althgouh I have a working version of IAR for ARM,I cannot build the project (hence download it as well)

Last thing,can I see third-party meters in the WMBUS-GUI application?

To sum up 4 things:
1)Some clear instructions on WMBUS GUI application
2)Where is the WMBUS_SDK workspace or where I can find it
3)WMBUS_Example_STM32L doens't build
4) Are third-party meters visible in WMBUS app ?

Thank you and sorry for the long post.