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Total newbie not getting this to work

Question asked by yaibani.yaiban on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2011 by ah_teck.tan
Hello, I am trying to control a robot arm with a stm8s discovery. I got the board as well as the users manual. The manual tells me to first install ST visual develop, and then Cosmic compiler.

I was supposed to go to , but it redirected me to

I downloaded the "ST9 software toolchain" supposedly carrying the STVD9. I then downloaded cosmic compiler. All this has been done on a windows XP computer as well as a windows 7 computer.

On the windows 7 computer I can't open .stw -files correctly. The Debug_instrument>Target_settings is all gray to me. If I open options the program crashes.

On the windows XP computer I can load workspaces. Though, it says that the file's version was unrecognised and I cannot write anything in the source files. Neither do I get the Swim-st-link or what it now is  called in Debug_instrument>target_settings. All there is is "HDS2v2".

I don't really know what else to do, any help is highly appreciated