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Detecting accelerometer orientation (LIS2DH12)

Question asked by mundada.yogi on Mar 3, 2016
I am using the LIS2DH12 chip in a small battery powered box in users' vehicles. Whenever a user accelerates the vehicle, I would like to find out if the vehicle is moving forwards, or backwards, or turning, or going down the slope. However, one cannot guarantee how the user will orient this box in the vehicle. It could be upside down, tilted. Finding exact movement (forwards, backwards), is difficult without knowing the orientation of the box.

I want to know if by using the 6D/4D orientation feature in the LIS2DH12 chip, if one can find the position of the box. The manual is light on the exact way to use this feature.

From various sources that I searched online, it seems like one cannot deduce the exact orientation of the box(upside down, tilted etc.) without having an additional sensor like gyroscope. 

I wanted to verify from reliable sources if it is indeed not possible to accurately find the orientation by just using built-in orientation feature.

If it is not possible to detect the orientation without another sensor, then I think the only choice would be to fix the box so that Z-axis always reads "1G". Would that be right?