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How to enable encrypted notifications

Question asked by karsten on Mar 18, 2015
We have notifications that we want encrypted, so we set the following flags

  uint8_t charProperties = CHAR_PROP_NOTIFY|CHAR_PROP_READ;
  uint8_t secPermissions = ATTR_PERMISSION_ENCRY_READ;

Now using something like BLE Scanner on Android doesn't trigger a pairing until the characteristic is specifically READ. Receiving notifications works without any pairing, thus seems unencrypted.

How do we force an encrypted link for notifications? There is no ATTR_PERMISSION_ENCRY_NOTIFY

Do we have to use Aci_Gap_Send_Pairing_Request() to request a pairing? Will the notifications be encrypted then? Is there an easy way to be sure of that? Is there a general "this link is encrypted" state that can be queried?