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Use LIS2HH on the same SPI bus with EEPROM, is it possible?

Question asked by Shriharsh on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Shriharsh

I'm planning to use a LIS2HH on the same SPI bus as an EEPROM.

But in the datasheet it says the LIS3DH CS pin is selecting SPI or I2C.

So is it possible to use SPI to the EEPROM when LIS3DH CS pin is high (the LIS3DH would be in I2C mode)? I feel that it will fail if the I2C address gets matched with SPI data.


Possible Solution??

This LIS2HH chipset has CTRL4 register which can enable/disable the I2C module.
So if I pull CS low and write to this CTRL4 to disable the I2C module then will this help avoid I2C working after CS is pulled HIGH? Or I2C is again enabled after CS is pulled HIGH even if CTRL4 I2C module is disabled?

Can someone please confirm at earliest?



Shriharsh Datar