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Fix for gdbserver not starting TrueStudio Lite ...

Question asked by young.randy on Dec 12, 2010
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Thanks for the consideration of your reply. Yes I am aware of the "SWD" issue, but I
think what worked for me was flashing the St-link to the LATEST version of the firmware
distributed in TrueStudio Lite 1.4. Now it is working!

Lots to learn here. The instructions on how to use the firmware samples from ST (an3268)
with you product are very POOR. Not your fault, unclear in the downloaded zip file
instructions... I can compile but not link.

Much to learn!

Thanks again.


ps. Yes gdbserver runs on Windows 64~!

Quoting Atollic support <>:

Dear Randy,

Which board are you using?

If you are using the STM32 Discovery board - One reason could be if
it is a Discovery board you need to connect using SWD mode.
If you create a new project with the TrueSTUDIO wizard for the
Discovery board it will create a project that make some LED toggling
for the board. When starting first debug session TrueSTUDIO

ST has had a problem with the sw they have on the web for the
Discovery board. It shall be fixed now so that it contain correct
debug setting with SWD mode also for TrueSTUDIO. Try to download the
sw again from ST web site.

Please let me know if this helps.

Best regards,
Atollic support


On  09/12/2010, 23:42, "Young,  Randall Shane" ( wrote:

On windows 64. ST-Link device not found. Yes I have followed
instructions exactly as to connect ST-Link and hardware, power, usb,
etc. as posted on your web page. IAR eW5 works perfectly with ST-Link...