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independent DAC Channel triggers on STMF3XX

Question asked by gunes.bugra on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2014 by gunes.bugra
I am using STM32F303 to generate 2 sine-waves  on DAC_Channel1 and DAC_Channel2.
I use one lookup table to generate the sine-wave. And I succeded to generate sine-waves on both channels, but the generated signals have the same frequency.

Since I want to have 2 different sine-waves with 2 different frequencies, I want to trigger each DMA channels independently. (ie, DAC_Trigger_T6_TRGO for DAC_Channel1 and DAC_Trigger_T7_TRGO for DAC_Channel2). According to the reference manual, it seems possible. But when I make such configuration DAC stops working I think; because no signals are generated on both channels.

Does it possible to trigger DAC channels independently?