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LIS3DH reading axes values problem

Question asked by mostafanfs on Jan 6, 2016
I'm using LIS3DH_driver project from ST to read axes values from LIS3DH accelerometer. 
I'm not using STM32 but I have implemented my own LIS3DH_ReadReg() and LIS3DH_WriteReg() functions somehow and they are working without a problem since I can write and read back registers correctly. 
But the problem is when I call LIS3DH_GetAccAxesRaw() function to retrieve axes values and print them out I don't see a correct value and they are not changing when I hit the accelerometer by thumb and they're really high values even when the board (or the IC) is not moving at all (when I'm not clicking). 
I have enabled FIFO mode and data rate is 50HZ and WHO_AM_I is 0x33 which is correct I believe. I have not configured any interrupt pins cause I don't need it's functionality. 
I couldn't figure this out by myself. Anybody have an idea?