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STM32Cube crashing Keil

Question asked by matic.mate on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by matic.mate

I have STM32F429I-Discovery board and STM32Cube which I tried to use
with Keil. Every time I try to open existing MDK-ARM project Keil crashes.
I have tried with Keil v4 and v5. Operating system is winXp SP3 32 bit.
I have another computer with 64 bit windows and there everything works, Keil
can open project from Cube.
Problem only exist on 32 bit windows (I have multimple computers with 32 bit windows
and they all act the same).
I have also STM32F3 Discovery board which I use with
and  Keil doesn't crash, so that makes me think that the problem is in STM32Cube.
Does anyone knows how to run Cube project in Keil on 32 bit windows?

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