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How to enable FEC on Spirit1

Question asked by l.hcer on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by pecorino.salvatore_g

I have Spirit1 IKR02v3.0 development kit. It contains an STM32L151 MCU and Spirit1 RF module. But I use Spirit1 with STM32L162RD MCU for a project. I created my own project on Keil. I ported all the spirit1 firware (stm32 library, hal drivers, spirit1 library, spirit SDKs, etc) to the project. After that I started to include the Spirit1 examples. First, I imported "BasicPktTest" from spirit1's library examples to the current project. It worked fine. I used BasicPktTest_A as transmitter and BasicPktTest_B as receiver. 'B' receives the packets correctly while I am sending them from 'A'. Then I enabled FEC (forward error correction) to view this feature. This time the transmitter sends the packets but receiver does not receive them. I tried to figure out the problem but I have no idea. Is there any other configuration or  setting about performing FEC on Spirit1. Can someone help me who have any ideas or who worked on a similar project.