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Help with LIS2DH interrupts, novice here

Question asked by benavente_perez..001 on Dec 15, 2015

I'm reading the LIS2DH datasheet but I'm not sure of how can I do it:

I've got a microcontroller connected to LIS2DH, including the INT1 and INT2 pins. I want to generate an interrupt when accelerometer detect a certain amount of movement in any axis. For example: if the acelerometter is in a door, if I open the door so slowly, nothing happens, but if i open the door more quickly one interrupt is generated (LOW to HIGH in INT1).

Can I do it? How? What interrupt have I to activate? 

I have seen a REFERENCE/DATACAPTURE register, I think i have to put here my "amount of movement". But i don't know how can I activate it, i see watermark interrupt, click interrupt, AOI interrupt, but i don't know.

Any suggestions? Thank you very much in advance