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Spirit1 Band Select

Question asked by pavlov.pavel on Jun 28, 2016
Hello, again.
In SPIRIT1 datasheet, in section of synthesizer band, especially for divider value, there are four values, i.e. divide-by-6, by-12, by-16 and by-32. But in File SPIRIT1-Library, which is part of SPIRIT1-DK Software, there is another value, divide-by-8, which give us a band 580-717 MHz. Is it possible SPIRIT1 to work in that Band? And, there are anither three combinatiopns of BS Field of SYNT0 Register - 000,110 and 111. Divide-by-? is on that combinations?
Ah, by-the-way, I still wait for answer, for time to compute, AES Encryption. I measure it is about 30-40 us. Is it true?
P. Pavlov, Electron consortium JSC, Sofia, Bulgaria