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How to use BlueNRG Undirected Connectable Mode with security on?

Question asked by palmer.charles on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by durfee.kevin
I have successfully configured my BlueNRG peripheral so it bonds with a Central (iPad running Lightblue) using Just Works association method (the Central asks permission to pair with the Perpheral). I can power off either or both device and when the Peripheral becomes discoverable again the Central can find it and connect to it (without asking permission to pair). 

I believe that I should be able to use Undirected Connectable mode rather than General Discoverable mode, but I am unsuccessful.  I have done this:

1) after bonding with the Central I use BLUEHCI_GAP_CONFIGURE_WHITELIST which I expect will populate my whitelist with Central addresses in my security database.
2) When I next want to connect to the Central I call BLUEHCI_GAP_SET_UNDIRECTED with parameters WHITE_LIST_FOR_ALL and PUBLIC_ADDR.
3) the Peripheral appears in the device list of Lightblue on the Central.
4) I try to connect to the Peripheral on the Central but this does not succeed. There are no events triggered on the Peripheral, and the Lightblue app fails after 15s with "Timeout interrogating the peripheral".

Please provide the correct instructions for using Undirected Connectable Mode, perferably with sample code.