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SPWF01 Repeatable Hard Fault/crash

Question asked by Burton.Mark on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Gerardo Gallucci

I am broadcasting a small UDP packet once a second through the SPWF01 using
AT+S.SOCKON=,55555,u and AT+S.SOCKW and that appears to work just fine but
if I access the SPWF01 web server at the same time to reload some web pages it often dies with a hard fault like this

+WIND:8:Hard Fault:TCPIP: r0 2C303035, r1 00000300, r2 00000000, r3 0000FFFF, r12 2000867C, lr 08022E25, pc 08022E3A, psr 61000000

Or the module may just crash, reboot, etc.

If I don't do the UDP broadcast, then the module appears reliable.

This is very bad as I need to be able to do the UDP broadcast so clients can find the device.