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Adventures with bluenrg

Question asked by Zamek on Jun 27, 2016
Hi All,

I am new in BlueNrg but not in developing C and I want to work withNUCLEOF411 and BlueNrg IDB041A1 board. Unfortunately I use Linux and Idon't want to buy IAR system.

First step: I tried to download demo ( I wonder, there is no Makefile in it:(
I found .bin and .hex files for demos, I can flash it, and it works well with BlueNrg Android application.
Because there is no Makefile, I tried to find some infos and I found Carmine Noviello's site. I can compile and flash the sensordemo based on his tutorial, but it cannot works well.

Sometimes it cannot starts:

"Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
0x080015e2 in call_host (arg=0x2000ffac, reason=1) at ../system/include/arm/semihosting.h:80
80      asm volatile ("

sometimes it can enter on master loop, but it isn't visible for android software.

I tried to switch on/off  NEW_SERVICES switch too.

It is very interesting, the original sensordemo hex file is 28938bytes length. The compiled hex file is 55718 bytes length.

Second steps:
I found "how to start bluenrg shield" at

I can compile and flash it to the board, but it is not visible forandroid software. The attached terminal there are some messages:

So, my question is that, where can I found a correct tutorial and demofor compiling and testing blueNRG? I would like to use linux and gnugcc.