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[solved]DSPI Rx FIFO question

Question asked by chu.sandiage on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by chu.sandiage
I am programming on pictus dspi module, I have queries describe below:
    DSPI(module).PUSHR.R = nCONT|DSPIx_CTAR0|nCS+ucDIN;
    while(DSPI(module).SR.B.RFDF == 0); 
    //Point A  
    DSPI(module).SR.B.RFDF = 1;   
    //Point B
question are:
1) Read POPR should be inserted at Point A or Point B
2) From reference manual , I understand that RFDF is a flag indicating Rx FIFO is not empty, if I dont add any read DSPI_POPR code here, Will Rx FIFO be flushed to no entry level?