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Native Device Discovery in Android

Question asked by 65796 Employee on Mar 1, 2015

My goal is to have a BLE keyboard to be used with Android / iOS. 

One basic issue I have is that the Device (i am using BlueNRG Nucleo + STM32F) is not seen in the basic system Bluetooth Scan. 

My own Android App or any BLE Scanner App is able to detect and connect to it successfully though. 

Very very rarely , I do see my device in the native Android Bluetooth Scan. 
I even tried to run the basic Examples given with the BLE Package. 

My Phone is Galaxy S4, now on Android 5.0 and earlier was on 4.4.2. 

If I want to make a BlueNRG based Keyboard, I would like that Android Native bluetooth scan sees and connects to it. 

Kindly clarify on how to make the Android native Bluetooth scan to see my device every time.