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Cosmic / STVD / Memory use and allocation

Question asked by Nico on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2012 by disperse
Good day,

I've started some time ago with the STM8S Discovery, STVD and Cosmic limited to 16k.

I'm now at the point where i need to answer the following:

- How can I check how much memory space on the chip is being used by my application? Ideally i'd like to know precisely where program segments are stored as well as how much RAM is allocated.

- Can I configure the environment so that it stores (e.g. while loading the program onto the chip) some data in the remaining 16k of the Flash? (Cosmic will produce up to 16k of code so there's at least 16k available on the chip for data storage). NB: this data might change while the application is running, so i don't want to declare it as constant data.

Thanks and kind greetings,