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STM32Cube - Barebone FreeRTOS + Lwip on F207

Question asked by brousalis.angelo on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by jkatajai
Hello to all,

I just set up a bare bone project for my F207VC custom board using the new STM32Cube. The board is tested and it is working perfectly with FreeRTOS 6.1.0 and Lwip 1.3.2. The used PHY is a Micrel KSZ8051RNL on RMII. Frequency is set to 120MHZ. Stack sizes are 0x2000 and 0x2000 respectively.
SysTick timer and Ethernet global interrupts are on while interrupts are set to 4 bits of pre-emption and 0 bits subpriority.
There is no user code in the project, just what I got from Cube.
The code crashes right after entering osKernelStart with Hard Fault. Regardless what I tried I cannot make it work.
Any ideas ?  

Any help or example projects on how to setup properly STM32Cube for FreeRTOS  (and maybe lwip) would be a great help for many people out there since this is a very common combination.

Thanks in advance.