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STemWin in landscape with Cube + STM32F429discovery

Question asked by AK on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Franck80
I'm having problems to produce correctly working landscape LCD with STemWin and STM32F429 discovery. I'm using STemWin_HelloWorld application from STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.1.0 as a base for my tests. I don't need to rotate screen during run-time.

I have only changed display drivers in LCDConf from GUIDRV_LIN_32 to GUIDRV_LIN_OSY_32 to produce landscape screen. This results correctly oriented screen with correctly printed texts with GUI_DispStringAt(). But background and painting functions like GUI_FillCircle() will create three striped areas on top of each others. Looks like a synchronisation problem but haven't manage to sort it out. Furthermore wondering why texts are working correctly and drawings not. Changing physical size to 240x240 fixes the problem - except it's not full screen and 320 width.

Click here to see the resulting image.
Application code for this image:
  GUI_DispStringAt("Hello world!", (LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2);
  GUI_DispStringAt("0", 0, 0);
  GUI_DispStringAt("1", 100, 0);
  GUI_DispStringAt("2", 200, 0);
  GUI_DispStringAt("3", 300, 0);
  GUI_DispStringAt("A", 0, 100);
  GUI_DispStringAt("B", 0, 200);
  GUI_DispStringAt("C", 0, 300);
  GUI_FillCircle(100, 100, 10);

Any ideas to fix this problem?