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Body motion Detection using LIS2DH/LIS3DH

Question asked by elmakhzangy.shady on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Winfred Lu
Dear All,

I am writing a firmware that is supposed to detect if a body is moved for a certain time i.e. 3 seconds of continuous motion. I am using LIS3DH Accelerometer sensor. Here is the configuration registers values:

CTRL_REG1          = 0x2F          //Enable all axes + ODR = 10 Hz
CTRL_REG2          = 0x00          //Default
CTRL_REG3          = 0x40          //Enable AO1 interrupt on INT1
CTRL_REG4          = 0xB0          //16G full scale
CTRL_REG5           = 0x00          //Default
CTRL_REG6          = 0x00          //Default
INT1_CFG          = 0x7F         //6D movement recognetion
INT1_THS          = 0x02         //Note FS = 16G. (Sensitivity = 0.25G)
INT1_DURATION = 0x1E         //0x1E = 30. Note ODR = 10 Hz. (Threshold = 3 Sec)

What I got is that if the body is moved for time less than 3 seconds, the Accelerometer consider it as an event and interrupt the Micro-controller after 3 seconds. I think by this configurations it has to neglect such motions (which period is less than 3 seconds).

Any one can help me in detecting only motions which period is greater than 3 seconds?

Thanks in advance