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UART example in the STM32cube not working for me.

Question asked by Chan on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Chan
Hello STM32 users,
I've received the STM32F401RE board and am trying to run a test program on it. I downloaded uVision5 and the STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.9.0 and opened the UART project that came with the package. The "DM00107720-Getting Started with STM32CubeF4 firmware package" document says I can just run it on uVision5. I don't know much about the ARM architecture let alone S TM32. I see COM16 port is seen on my PC but when I debug run the program, a yello and bright green arrow is pointing the first line of the main() program which is HAL_init(); as in the image below.  I can press F10 to proceed but when I cross the printf statement, nothing comes up on my teraterm windows. (set to use COM16, 9600,odd,8,1 as the USART setting in the program). I guess I'm missing something very basic. What is wrong with my case? 
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