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stm32f405xx CAN Remote frame

Question asked by tao.liu.004 on Nov 25, 2015
Hi ,I'm using a STM32F405,my purpose is to receive the remote frame .but FIFO0 is not to receive the message . Namely , the function "CAN2_RX0_IRQHandler" interrupter is not access. 

  hcan2.Init.Mode = CAN_MODE_NORMAL;
  hcan2.Init.SJW = CAN_SJW_1TQ;
  hcan2.Init.BS1 = CAN_BS1_3TQ;
  hcan2.Init.BS2 = CAN_BS2_2TQ;
  hcan2.Init.TTCM = DISABLE;
  hcan2.Init.ABOM = DISABLE;
  hcan2.Init.AWUM = DISABLE;
  hcan2.Init.NART = DISABLE;
  hcan2.Init.RFLM = DISABLE;
  hcan2.Init.TXFP = DISABLE;

My Filter setup is:
  sFilterConfig.FilterMode = CAN_FILTERMODE_IDMASK;
  sFilterConfig.FilterScale = CAN_FILTERSCALE_32BIT;
  sFilterConfig.FilterIdHigh = 0x0000;
  sFilterConfig.FilterIdLow = 0x0000;
  sFilterConfig.FilterMaskIdHigh = 0x0000;
  sFilterConfig.FilterMaskIdLow = 0x0000;
  sFilterConfig.FilterFIFOAssignment = 0;
  sFilterConfig.FilterActivation = ENABLE;

 Can someone help to solve the question ,thank you all.