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STM32F072 Capacitive Touch

Question asked by Mina Anton on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Amel N

Dear ST community,

I’m using STM32F072CB, standard peripheral library and “STMTouch_Lib_V1.1.0” the problem is in the Touch library, I copied the example “STM32F0518_Ex01_3TKeys_EVAL” in my working project since it is exactly what I want to add to my current project(3 touch keys), I modified the configuration file to fit my application but nothing working so it is either I did something wrong in my modifications or I missed something else, anyone can help?

My PCB is designed to use only Group 1 with the following configuration

G1_IO1 --> Ref. Capacitor of 33nF

G1_IO2 --> Touch Key

G1_IO3 --> Touch Key

G1_IO4 --> Touch Key

No Shield.

I’m also attaching the configuration file.

Best regards,

Mina Anton