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STM32F446RE can no connect to target

Question asked by heller.chriz3dd on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by heller.chriz3dd
Hello, this is my first post.
It is the first time I use an STM32 Device, I am familiar with 32Bit processors of TI so far.
I did a new PCB connected with the ST-Link programmer of a Nucleo board. But I can not connect to my board. I am using the STM32 St-Link Utility.

My configuration:
Pin 19,32,48,64,13,1 on 3V3
Pin 31, 47, 18, 63, 12 on GND
Pin 30 on 4.7uF to GND (VCAP)
25 MHz crystal on Pin 5 & 6
Pin 60 (Boot0) connected to 10k to GND

Pin 46 to ST-Programmer SWD
Pin 49 to ST-Programmer CLK 
Pin  7 to ST-Programmer NRST
The programmer also has GND of the board.
All other Pins are left floating.

Power consumption 0.3 mA! The CPU seems not to run.
Pin 1 is at the lower left if the text on the chip is readable.
The voltage on the VCap_0 is 0V.

It is a bit confusing, I just have seen that the VCAP_1 (Pin 30) capacitor is not populated and has been shorted to ground on the Nucleo board.

Could anyone give me an advice how to handle this situation?
Thanks in advance