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STM32F030R8 TIM3 remap to port C

Question asked by chan.calvin on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by chan.calvin
Hi guys

I referred to the timer 3 channels remapped to port C for STM32F030R8.

The datasheet DM00088500 version 2 page 30 did not mention there is a restriction for the mapping, while page 37 do carry a small (1) footnote mentioning about its availability is only applied to STM32F030xC devices only.

I did some code to configure Port C for the TIM3 channels for my intended STM32F030R8 and they all work.  I am writing here to check with any user knows if the feature is actually available also  for STM32F030R8?  Or it is just an unproven features for the R8 version?

In other words, can I use Port C remapping TIM3 channels for STM32F030R8?