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Programming a Nucleo F411RE board with code from MikroE compiler

Question asked by RrnR on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Clive One
I have a Nucleo F411RE board and eventually want to program it with code generated by the MikroE Pascal for ARM compiler.  At present I have the board running code from the MBed C++ compiler and the programming side of this is great.  To program the device by copying the binary file to a "disk" that is in fact the development board programmer is very convenient.

Eventually however, I want to get code from the MikroE compiler into the board.  MikroE have a programmer (which we have bought), however the programmer has a JTAG interface and I can't see how we would interface this to the Nucleo.  I don't necessarily want to go that way however - if I can utilize the convenience of the "copy-a-binary-file-to-program-the-device" and avoid the need to hook up a programmer (when the Nucleo already has one on board) it would be sweet.

And so to my question(s):
  • Does anybody listening use the Nucleo board with the MikroE compilers?  
  • How to you program it?  
  • Can the MikroE compiler generate a binary program image?
  • Is there anything special about the binary image file the MBED compiler copies to the Nucleo board, or is it just a faithful binary image of what end up in the device's memory?
Many thanks for reading this far.