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STM32F4: Bootloader: CAN bus

Question asked by barnaby.terry on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by schramm.daniel
I am trying to load firmware over the CAN2 bus using the STM32F4's internal bootloader from a Linux system following the application note AN3154.
In general this is working but I have an issue when writing the data using the WriteMemory command. The STM32 appears to send multiple acknowledgements (0x79) to the 0x04 data commands occasionally. If, on the Linux host, I wait for 100ms before each 0x04 command and flush the CAN bus RX buffer before sending the 0x04 command all is fine, but if I don't flush these spurious acknowledgements things obviously go wrong.

Are there some issues with the STM32 bootloader in CAN bus mode ?