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STM32 - confusion about slow/fast ADC channels

Question asked by Vinci on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by baird.hal.001

Is there any document from ST out there which actually explains how fast and slow ADC channels in some devices (e.g. the stm32l4 has them) differ? The only real information the datasheets hold is the absolute maximum sampling rate.

So for example the stm32l4 datasheet says:
Fast channels: 0.188 μs for 12-bit resolution (5.33 Ms/s)
Slow channels: 0.238 μs for 12-bit resolution (4.21 Ms/s)

And thats about it. So what does this mean now? Are slower channels always slower or just not capable of performing conversions under 0.238µs?
Let's say I set up one ADC to perform continuous conversions on one fast and one slow channel. Both channels are configured to perform a conversion in 300 cycles which we assume is way slower than 0.238µs... Are both channels running at the same speed?