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STM32F439xx Dual Bank jump

Question asked by duarte.andre on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by duarte.andre

I have 2 custom application codes, one for bootloading and the other for the functional app. 
Bootloader resides in the first flash mem sector 0x8000000.
If the app resides inside the first mem bank (same as btl) everything works well (eg. 0x8020000).

As i try to jump from the first sector to sector 12 (2 mem bank) remapping accordingly the vect table, the application starts then after an non periodic time span the MCU triggers a hard fault on the memory. SCB->CFSR goes all over the place, sometimes giving a fault on MMFSR other times on BFSR or UFSR.

Is anyone aware of what may be the problem, pointing to a solution.
Or a runtime mem jump between banks is not possible.

Andre Duarte