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Porting Code from STM32L-Discovery to Nucleo-152RE

Question asked by Jasper298 on Nov 12, 2015
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2 years ago, I developed a piece of code for my STM32L1-Discovery board. It is an automated chicken coop door. It is working great.
Now, I have to copy this system for a friend of me (on a Nucleo-152RE board, and I was busy with copying the complete project into OpenSTM32 and rebuild it and finished. But.... It is not that easy....

in the time I developed this system, I was using the Discovery FW package v1.0.2.
Now, It is compiling, But nothing happens on my Nucleo board. I also flashed a LED toggle into the board, but no LED. What can be wrong in this? Are these "old" libraries too old for the nucleo?