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ARM DSP with STM32f334c8

Question asked by ASSAAD on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by ASSAAD
Hello ;
I have a problem for the last few days it made be puzzled  hope you could help me please . 
I am using keil compiler  with STM32f334c8 ; 
I had a project based on stm32f429 using FFT from ARM DSP library ; 
there is a file arm_common_tables.c generate a code size of about 38kbye ; 
when I move to a new project based on STM32f334c8 the generated code is 160kbyte ! 

What I am missing here , any I dea please ? 

  arm_status status;
  float32_t maxValue;
   arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32 S;
 //status = ARM_MATH_SUCCESS;
/* Initialize the CFFT/CIFFT module */ 
    status = arm_cfft_radix4_init_f32(&S, fftSize, 
                                    ifftFlag, doBitReverse);
    /* Process the data through the CFFT/CIFFT module */
    arm_cfft_radix4_f32(&S, testInput_f32_10khz);
    /* Process the data through the Complex Magnitude Module for 
    calculating the magnitude at each bin */
    arm_cmplx_mag_f32(testInput_f32_10khz, testOutput, 
    /* Calculates maxValue and returns corresponding BIN value */
    arm_max_f32(testOutput, fftSize, &maxValue, &testIndex);

I am using these code in too diffirent project ; but I get RO size diffirent . 
Thank you inadvanced