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STM32L476 USB device audio class sample rate cannot set to 44100

Question asked by jiang.peng on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Rogers.Michael
hi all,
 I am a newbie in STM32. Now I get an application to make STM32L476 as an USB audio device and playing music in PC will play in the speaker connected to STM32L476. I use the USB audio class(device) and windows 7 default driver.
I get the 48K sample rate running which is the defaut setting, but when I change to 44100, the media player cannot play because the USB driver at this sample rate may manfunction.
the change locate in the USB device lib:
#define USBD_AUDIO_FREQ     44100
if I put to below, then it works.
#define USBD_AUDIO_FREQ     48000
from the USB device lib document, it seems that is the only place, but does not work. I changed the codec sample rate accordingly, but it is USB problem.