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Connect two timers in Gated Mode

Question asked by smrtkai on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by smrtkai
unfortunately I haven't understood how to connect two timers. I want to achieve a 3,2kHz PWM switch signal that turns on and off a 1 MHz signal.

I try to setup TIM3 as a master timer; in STM32CubeMX I have selected "Master/Slave Mode: Enable (sync between this TIM (Master) and its Slaves (through TRGO))" and "Trigger Event Selection: Output Compare (OC2REF)".

For TIM4 as slave timer I selected "Slave Mode: Gated Mode" and "Trigger Source: ITR0"

And that's where my understanding ends. As trigger source for TIM4 I would have expected something like TIM3-TRGO. Or some assignment for ITR0 to TIM3-TRGO.

Can someone please explain how TIM3 can be connected to TIM4? That would be great.
Thanks in advance for your help.