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multiple rxcallback for circular dma operation

Question asked by rifo.rifo on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2015 by rifo.rifo
Hello all,

Data is coming from uart in chunks of 30 bytes via uart. I want to get these incoming chunks of 30 bytes and store them in a circular buffer of size 240 bytes by using DMA.
I want to configure the DMA such that  it works in
 * circular mode with a 240 wide buffer
 * fires the rxcallback function for every 30 bytes of data transfer

I have read the reference manual for STM32F30 and checked the examples but couldn't find how to configure the above settings.

Can you please tell me whether it is possible to achieve the above settings or should I use linear DMA and some extra logic to achieve this

thank you for your time