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Verification of CPU Load

Question asked by smrtkai on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by smrtkai

I try to measure the CPU load of my STM32F429I-Discovery board. I tried the approach described on CPU Load for STM32F4xx (DWT). This shows me a CPU utilization of 99% in "work mode" and a CPU utilization of 29% in "idle mode". In "work mode" the while-loop handles a digital signal processing task and in "idle mode" the while-loop is empty.

I doubt that the calculated values by this approach are correct, that's why I want to verify the values with another approach. Although I have some interrupts (ADC and DMA), the value of 29% seems way too high. Unfortunately I do not know, which approach is reliable.

Is there a way to measure the CPU load using Keil uVision's Debugger?

Or how do I toggle a pin, when changing from work to sleep mode? I haven't found any sample code.

I do not use RTOS, that's why the approach in STM32F4 Cpu Load in this forum, does not apply.

Thanks for your help in advance.