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Question asked by ze.ala on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by STM32Cube-T
In the latest version of RM0360,Page 634,there is a mistake in the description of RTOF. RTOIE is not in CR2,it is in CR1 actually.

Chip type: F030C8T6
Develop environment:KEIL v4.72 + CubeMX v4.11 + CubeF0 v1.4
Debugger:ST-LINK V2 via. SWD

After I choose toolchain as MDK V4 in CubeMX and generate the code,the option of ‘Programming Algorithm' in KEIL is empty. When I set it, the next code generation will erase this again.

Chip type: F103C8T6
Develop environment: KEIL v4.72 + CubeMX v4.11 + CubeF1 v1.2
Debugger:ST-LINK v2 via. SWD

After I set the function of PA13 and PA14 as SWD in CubeMX and generate the code for MDK V4, the ort of debug option in KEIL is always set JTAG as default.

No.2 and No.3 won't happen for KEIL v5.

If there is something wrong above, please notice me.