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Std Periph Lib --> Project Setup / Debug

Question asked by Jibbajibba on Oct 29, 2015
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Currently i work with the HAL lib where i can graphically setup the system clock of my STM32F4xx controller. I do have to set up the same libraries i wrote (mostly copy paste except interface commands,.. ) in a project file using the StdPeriphLib exept the hal lib

I'd like to set up the system core frequency through PLL at 100MHz like i did it with the graphic Cube configurator. Which file and which commands do i have to edit to achieve my goal? Also, id like to set up all the clock prescalers exactly the same like in HAL.

Next problem is, when i run the project in the debug mode with the default settings (no idea which clock speed) i can set breakpoints in e.g. the startup file but not in my main file or other files. what could cause that?