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ADC Reference STM32F334R8, invalid posting

Question asked by deMier.Eduardo on Oct 28, 2015
My fault. Post invalid. I looked at the schematics of the nucleo boards and mistook SD_VREF+ for VREF+. Sorry.
In STM32F334R8 PB12 is connected to VREF+ for the ADCs.
I have made a HW design using PB12 for other purpose. However I need to use ADC2 but I did not find any way to switch the ADC reference internally (!) to VDDA. It looks as if I must cut a wire on my board and change my HW design only to connect PB12 to VDDA. It that so?
Coming from other µC vendors I am used to ADCs that may run on VDDA as a reference or on a dedicated internal Reference. 
Any hints?